Coaching is a powerful and focused form of development, which facilitates personal growth for the benefit of both the individual and the organisation in which the individual works.

Individual coaching sessions cover a multitude of areas such as understanding what drives and motivates us, increasing confidence and assertiveness levels, effective body language, how to manage and lead others, influencing skills, presentation skills and stakeholder management.

My coaching process is unique to each client, depending on the requirements that they have.

I start with a free consultation session to discuss the needs that the client has, to ensure that the client feels comfortable with me, and that I am the right fit for them in terms of personality, background and experience.

To ensure sustainable change it is typical for an individual to have three to eight coaching sessions over a six to twelve-month period depending on the desired outcome(s).

Coaching can be very effectively used in a variety of situations including, but not limited to the following:

  • To facilitate the transition of a team leader/manager/senior executive into a more senior role
  • To ease the return to work of an individual from a career break or a period of maternity or parental leave
  • To enable an employee who is not currently performing to achieve the expected level for their role
  • To support an employee through redundancy to find alternative employment
  • To help support an individual who would like to change careers but needs some guidance and support in deciding which is the right career for them


Team coaching works by taking an under-performing/performing team on a journey towards becoming a highly performing team.

Typically, one to ones would be held with all team members as part of a diagnostic process and then a number of targeted sessions would be held to meet the needs of the group.

My board fitness assessment can be helpful to review the effectiveness of senior executive teams and the Margerison-McCann Team Insights provides a fantastic insight into the contribution each team member makes to the team.

Team coaching can be highly effective in the following situations;

  • Team start up - when a team doesn’t know each other very well and would like to speed up the process of getting to know each other so they can hit the ground running
  • Dysfunctional/unhelpful team dynamics - team coaching works by unearthing what the issues are and then works to address the root causes
  • A team going through significant business change - team coaching looks at how the team needs to be supported through this period of change
  • An established team, who have a business requirement to change their vision and/or strategy - team coaching enables the team to create their new vision and strategy and develop an implementation plan

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